The Benefits of Physical Fitness

fitness classes in raleigh NCAccording to Wikipedia, you can define physical fitness as the “general state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports or occupations.” Being physically fit is also one of the key elements to being happy in life. Exercise, sports, yardwork, all of these different types of physical activities are beneficial for a healthy body and mind. Being active is not a cure-all for all of your issues but it’s a great place start.

The worst part, to me anyways, is that a large portion of Americans are not active enough. They are sitting at home on their couch watching TV, playing video games, and eating junk food. This makes me sad because pretty much every single one of you can benefit from physical activity. Unfortunately, those that are not active enough do suffer the consequences. Based on data from the CDC, there are about 2,600,000 deaths a year in the US. 6 percent of the total deaths can be contributed to a lack of regular physical activity. Based on findings from The Lancet, 1 in every 10 deaths in the world is due to physical inactivity.

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It has been proven time and time again that getting the right amount of exercise has immense health benefits. These positive effects are especially great for a healthy heart. Getting regular intense exercise strengthens the heart muscle and allows it to work more efficiently. You can also enjoy the benefits of boosting the good cholesterol, HDL, in your body. Exercise also helps your circulatory system, lowers your blood pressure, and also helps you maintain and control your weight. Most importantly, you’ll be reducing your risk of heart disease, attack, stroke, and early death.

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CrossFit Invoke Offers Free Fitness Classes in Raleigh NC!

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