CrossFit Invoke Coach Kathryn Volpe

Kathryn Garner

Coach, CF Level 2

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2013
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
Outlaw Way Training Camp 2012

Personal Accomplishments
Graduated from reading novels on the elliptical to actually working out (i.e., doing CrossFit) in 2011
Inspired several friends (and my parents!) to incorporate CrossFit and/or the paleo diet into their daily routines
B.S. Human & Organizational Development; M.Ed. Human Resource Development

Goals and Aspirations
Continue to learn from the inspirational coaches and athletes at CrossFit Invoke
Open a bakery that offers traditional (and perhaps paleo) goodies
Coordinate a challenge that incorporates eating sweets while WODding =)