Custom Fitness Programs in Raleigh

fitness programs raleigh NCWhen it comes to your health and physical fitness, you need a workout plan that is solely focused on your needs. Unfortunately, at a lot of gyms in Raleigh the fitness programs are too routine, redundant, and take a one-size-fits-all approach. This type of physical fitness training will only get a person so far with their goals and levels. Also, people are more apt to get burnt out quicker from inefficient workouts. The worst part is when someone gives up because they aren’t making any progress.

This is where CrossFit Invoke can help. We offer customized fitness programs in Raleigh NC. We get to know you, find out about your fitness history, give you a quick evaluation, and then we can accurately develop a fitness schedule with workout routines to maximize your gains in a safe and healthy way. We’ll work around your busy schedule to find the best times that are convenient for you, set you up with a personal trainer if you need one, and then continue to support and motivate you through your fitness journey.

Custom Fitness Programs Raleigh NC

It all starts with signing up for a free class. This way you’ll be able to come out, get to know some of the coaches, and get a feel for the box. We offer free classes to potential new members so you can try before you buy with no commitment whatsoever. We also offer a free community WOD on the first Saturday of every month. You can come to as many of these as you like with no commitment to become a member at CrossFit Invoke.

Next, after you fall in love with our fitness programs, you’ll need to sign up for a punchcard. Based on your level of purchase, you’ll have access to all CrossFit, Endurance, and Mobility classes. However, if you’re new to CrossFit all together, you’ll have to learn the basics first.

The Invoke Foundations course is a series of 6 small group classes conducted Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 am or 7:00 pm. Foundations is designed to teach you the mechanics of the movements to ensure your safety and give you the opportunity to acclimate to the intensity of the workouts. It also allows our coaches to evaluate your mobility, educate you on nutrition and discuss your fitness goals. While you’re completing our Foundations course, you are welcome to participate in Endurance, Mobility, and Boot Camp classes. There’s no special charge for Foundations – it’s simply included in your monthly membership!

Finally, after you’re all settled in, if you feel the need for more customized WODs, simply speak to one of our coaches and ask about our personal trainer services. You’ll be able to get the best customized WODs in Raleigh at CrossFit Invoke. When you’re ready, give us a call to learn more.