I’m not in shape. Can I keep up?

Absolutely, you just have to join and get started. We’ll scale programs to your fitness level plus we’ll make sure you pass Foundations prior to starting CrossFit as a participant. Everyone starts at a different level of fitness. We know this and will work with you to scale your activities according to your current fitness level. We now offer two programs in one! When you join our CrossFit classes you can choose from two programming options, Sport and GRIND! The Grind program is the perfect option for those new to CrossFit who want to sweat and burn fat without doing any intimidating exercises!

I’m a woman. Will CrossFit make me look bulky?

Most women are curious as to what will happen once they try resistance training. Women who get bulky are training and dieting with the intent of gaining large amounts of muscle mass. They must have the genetics to do so AND train specifically with that goal in mind. You’ll much sooner get lean than bulky.

I’m not ready for the group. Do you offer personal training?

Absolutely. And we offer plenty of other non-CrossFit programs like Endurance, BootCamp, and open gym. Contact us and we’ll go over your options.

Can I workout on my own?

Sure. We offer an Open Gym Only membership plan for athletes who want to follow their own programming. Athletes with CrossFit memberships may take advantage of Open Gym after completing 1 month of CrossFit training.

I was injured at one point. How will CrossFit affect that injury?

All injuries are different. We have a team of coaches trained to spot issues that may inhibit your ability to do full-scale CrossFit. Just be upfront about the issues you face, and we’ll work with you to find a fitness option that works best. You’ll scale your activities as you’re capable and ready. And we’ll instruct you on proper form and technique. The goal is to build back from injury, not be scared into inaction. If you are currently experiencing pain we have a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and Chiropractor on staff.

CrossFit isn’t for me. Do you offer other programs?

Check out our Grind program on the Programs page! We also offer personal training for those who just want one-on-one instruction. Please contact one of our staff members, and we’ll walk you through the various options.