How to Choose a CrossFit Gym in Raleigh

Finding the right gym in Raleigh is an important decision. This is especially true if you’re new to CrossFit. There are several CrossFit affiliates and athletic training facilities in the area to choose from, but CrossFit affiliates vary greatly from the experience of the coach, type of training they offer to the culture they create. We believe we are the best CrossFit gym in Raleigh for a few simple but important reasons.

CrossFit Invoke offers the most experienced coaching staff in the area;. We’re the only CrossFit Headquarters Trainer in the Triangle and one of only 103 such facilities in the world. Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds including professional athletes, martial arts, military, medical, Olympic lifting, endurance, sport specific training and personal training expertise. We utilize each of our strengths to design a complete program for you. You’re more than just a member here, you are our athlete, and we take pride in coaching you.

Secondly, we provide a positive atmosphere and training environment that can’t be beat. We’re a family at CFI, and we show that every day with the positive attitudes, camaraderie and friendships that are built here.

We’re competitive in cost and have a great facility perfectly located in downtown Raleigh with heat/AC and showers. CFI is an active contributor to local events and fundraisers around Raleigh and the greater CrossFit community. Tight schedule? We offer a variety of class times and services including personal training, programming, nutrition guidance, and Yoga!

Not convinced yet? Check out this video that highlights our CrossFit gym in Raleigh. You can also join our Facebook page too!