I’ve been a part of crossfit for two years. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was joining crossfit! I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. When I started crossfit, I weighed about 235lbs…read more

I started crossFit just over 3 months ago. The progress I’ve made at crossFit is unbelievable. Especially, since I’ve only been a member for 3 months. There’s a striking difference between the old and new me…read more

In January, I decided to attend a drop-in class. I cried after the first WOD but decided to get a membership anyways. I absolutely love it now, have lost 25 pounds since February, and am starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle thanks to the crossfit team and my new friends…read more

I’ve learned more than a few things about myself through my experience at crossfit over the last 3+ years. In my opinion, crossfit is for everyone and it takes all kinds to build a community. Everyone’s path is different…read more

CrossFit has helped me change a lot of the past year or so. I’m always more excited to come to the gym now, even if the workout has something I don’t enjoy because I know it’s a chance to improve my weaknesses…read more

Out of town drop in with my brother in law over the holidays. Top of the line facility and all of the coaches and athletes were welcoming, didn’t feel any different to my normal gym. A very helpful Christmas Abbott even signed us in and trained in the same class. 10 out of 10, would go there again.

Did a drop in and had an amazing time here! The coaches are awesome and really take the time to break down the movements, plus everyone was wicked nice! Great experience and great community! Check it out whenever you’re in Raleigh, I know I’ll be coming back when I’m in NC again!

The real work starts after weight loss. After two years, with the help of Crossfit, as well as my Invoke family, I’ve been able to maintain and…read more

In January I started taking care of me again and have tried hard to find my way back to who I was. I came to Invoke in February for my first trial class. I finished foundations in March, and now 14 weeks later, I can proudly say…read more

I will always be grateful for being brave enough to walk into Foundations Class. I’m now stronger than I ever thought I’d be…read more

When I began CrossFit, I weighed 285 pounds, smoked up to a pack of cigarettes a day, and had chronic and very painful acid reflux…read more

I have lost over 50 pounds, found the perfect stress reliever after a long day, and continued to develop into the fittest version of myself that I have ever known. That first experience…read more

Along with changing my weight, CrossFit has changed my lifestyle. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and was doing a lot of things that weren’t very good for me. Once I started CrossFit…read more

I’ve never felt uncomfortable, I was welcomed with open arms, and I’ve made the most amazing, supportive friends. Best decision I’ve made in…read more

I wanted better results for my hard work and dedication, so I decided to participate in nutrition coaching. When Brandon Garner gave me macros targets for training and non-training days that were higher than I expected…read more

What have you got to lose? A few pounds? Maybe 20 or 30? Maybe 120? At CrossFit Invoke, you will be provided the tools for your success. With community of fellow Crossfitters, you’re only limited by…read more

I feel like I have made leaps and strides in my performance and I definitely attribute a lot of that to our great coaching staff. Joining Invoke has been one of the best decisions…read more