Our CrossFit classes are one hour in length and consist of warm up, movement instruction and review, workout, and cool down. All of our workouts are scaleable to any fitness level and are conducted by the most experienced CrossFit coaches in the region. Whether you’re training for the sport of fitness or simply trying to lose some fat and gain muscle and strength, you’ll have the option to choose between our daily “Sport” and “Grind” workout options.


Our Sport option is for those interested in improving athletic performance and competing in the sport of CrossFit. This programming option will include higher skill gymnastics movements and olympic weightlifting.


The Grind program offers high intensity functional training with a focus on developing sustainable strength and cardiovascular endurance. Be prepared for fundamental resistance training, running, rowing, biking and bodyweight exercises! The Grind programming option is lower skill but equally challenging for those who haven’t yet developed the ability to perform higher skill movements at a high intensity or simply prefer to shut off your brain, breathe hard, and sweat. If long term health and balanced fitness is your goal, this option is for you.

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