Things You Should Know | CrossFit Lingo

fitness center in raleigh NCIf you are thinking about trying out CrossFit, there are a few things that you should know before you start your journey. Take for instance, at CrossFit Invoke, we are not your typical fitness center in Raleigh NC. We are part of a community of like-minded individuals that strive to take our fitness levels to the highest peaks. When you participate in CrossFit, you are not going to just ride a stationary bike for a half-hour and then do some light weights. At Invoke, just like with any respectable box, we go very hard and push ourselves. We invite you come out to Invoke to any of our free events and give it a try. If you wondering what to expect, check out these tips below.

First, if you’re not that familiar with CrossFit, we do have our own lingo. Below you’ll find a few terms you’ll probably hear around the box.

Box – We do not call our fitness center a gym. We refer to them as “boxes.” The main reason is because CrossFit centers literally look like a box. You’ll typically find bars, weights, and ropes, without the treadmill farm, TVs, mirrors, and cute stuff.

WOD – This is what we call our daily workouts. It actually stands for “Workout of the Day”, and is made up of a combination of exercises and weights. The reps are usually timed and this is to motivate you to push yourself.

RX – Just like a prescription, completing your daily WOD is the RX. If you RX your daily WOD then you have completed the required weight, reps, and exercises exactly how it was designed.

AMRAP – This acronym stands for “As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible.” This means to max out the amount of reps that you can do in a given time frame. When your coach calls for an AMRAP workout, this is to challenge you to really push yourself.

CrossFit Open – The Open is sorta like a scaled down version of the CrossFit Games. Open allows competitors to register online, and compete on their own or at their local box. Open is where you test yourself to see if you’re ready for the big show.

CrossFit Games – This is the Olympics of CrossFit. Every summer, qualifying participants are challenged with intense physical workouts that have everything from handstand walks, to running, and swinging on ropes. The winners are crowned as the World’s Fittest Man & Woman.

Not Your Typical Fitness Center in Raleigh NC | CrossFit Invoke

Crossfit Invoke is more than just a regular fitness center in Raleigh NC. We’re considered as the best box in the Southeast by most. We invite you to drop in anytime and see what Invoke is all about. If you have any questions, please give us a call. If you want to try CrossFit for FREE, Invoke offers free classes. This allows you to try before you buy. We also have free local workouts each month where we invite anyone to come out, so bring your friends. Call Invoke today to learn more and to join a great community!