Why Do CrossFit?

Fitness Gym in Raleigh NCIf you are into fitness already, or want to finally get into shape and to a healthy weight, you might be wondering, “Should I try CrossFit?” It’s a great question to ask! CrossFit is the new definition of fitness. Those who join our fitness gym in Raleigh NC strive to be the fittest people on Earth. When we hit the box, we want to be great at everything, but specialize in nothing.

If you are looking to change your life for the better, then you should really consider giving CrossFit a try. If you give yourself to the ideals of CrossFit, you will make gains like you’ve never seen before. We have the best coaches in America, including partnering founder Christmas Abbott, to help you achieve the highest levels of physical fitness. At Invoke, we go hard. Our WODs (workout of the day) have been developed to get the most out of your time, in an efficient manner.

The type of high intensity WODs you’ll participate in at Invoke are different than the low-to-moderate-intensity workouts you are used to at a traditional fitness gym in Raleigh NC. Don’t just take our word for it either. One scientific study found that if one group exercised at moderate intensity, for 45 minutes, on a stationary bike while a different group did high-intensity intervals for 20 minutes, both groups burned the same number of calories. However, those in the high-intensity group lost nine times the fat.

Look, we’re a different breed but we think you’ll love it. It’s a different and exciting way to get fit. You are not going to find an elliptical and treadmill farm at Invoke. We have the type of equipment that makes your workout interesting. We invite you to give us a call, or schedule your free class today.

At CrossFit Invoke, we are also all about family. We have worked hard to build a culture of respect, friendship, sportsmanship, and unity. We’re focused on your results, not your dollars. So when you join a fitness gym in Raleigh NC like Invoke, you’re getting a lot more than just access to equipment. You’re basically joining a big, extended family where you will probably make life-long friends.

Looking for More Than a Fitness Gym in Raleigh NC?

Crossfit Invoke is more than just your traditional fitness gym in Raleigh NC. We’re one of the most highly rated boxes in the Southeast. We invite you to drop in anytime to see what we’re all about. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have as well. Want to try CrossFit for FREE? At Invoke, we offer free classes so you can try before you buy. We also have free community workouts each month. Call us today to learn more!

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